What Our Customers Are Saying

Love this mirror!! by Sara on September 20, 2015

LOVE this mirror. We ordered 2 and it is so much better than any cheaper midfield we have gotten. It is so easy to attach and has a swivel so it will fit on any headrest and adjust so you can see baby. My daughter loves it because it's so big and clear that she can see herself and I can see her too. 100% satisfied!!


Perfect fit.  Great value wide clear view of baby...  by Sheldon on September 15, 2015

Perfect fit. Great value wide clear view of baby and no need for extra front mirror to see in the back.

Best backseat baby mirror by Danielle Grow on August 24, 2015

Hands Down this is the best backseat baby mirror I have ever seen and purchased!


That's what is great about this mirror by Megan on August 23, 2015

I don't know what I was doing before I had this mirror! Especially since we're extended rear-facing. The mirror can attach to any head rest and is on a ball so that it can be maneuvered to the specific angle you need it at. My car didn't have a head rest in the middle, but attached to the headrest on the side of it I was able to get an angle so I could still see her. That's what is great about this mirror. It's so wide and the mirror itself is prestine. The image is clear and visible and easy to just glance at from your review mirror. This is probably the best baby backseat mirror I've ever seen and I highly recommend it!


Better than pictured by Sarah C on August 23, 2015

I love this mirror. I feel like the size is slightly larger than normal backseat mirrors which is great. It's super easy to install and was an immediate hit with the little one. She loves mirrors and this one is large enough to be able to position it where I can see her and she can see herself. It's sturdy, well made, and seems as if it'll last a lifetime. It arrived in a timely manner, shipped well, and was packaged properly and professionally, as a reputable company should. This mommy has absolutely zero complaints.


So easy to install! by Anna Corrington on August 22, 2015

Love this mirror! It installed like a dream, so easy! I did it while the kids were still in the car, it took me literally like two minutes. The straps were super easy to connect, one way or the other depending on the size of your headrest. I love that it's so big, I can see my son completely in the mirror, and I especially love that it has the swivel, so as he grows I can adjust it accordingly